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Company Info

Agriculture by Argo Manunggal Group (AAM) is a sub-holding (business group) engaged in the integration of animal feed, chicken breeding, broiler farming, and industrial teak fruit and tree plantations, which started in 1971. AAM has several businesses in business entities. namely PT. Peternakan Manggis (Final Stock), PT Hybro (Parent Stock), PT Megah Prayasa (feed mill), PT. Gunung Sari (commercial farm), PT. Citra Ina Feedmil (diverse feed mill) and PT. Pelican (plantation).


AAM is part of Argo Manunggal Group Holding (AMG) and we are one of the major suppliers of poultry in Indonesia which is capable of producing 80 million chicks and 30 thousand tons of feed per year. In this area, AAM continues to increase production and market share by expanding its capacity.

As the 4th largest population in the world, Indonesia has an extraordinary demand of food supply, and AAM has realized the potential of the industry since the last 1980s by buying several existing chicken farms and opening industrial fruit & teakwood plantations. With a production capacity of more than 80 million chicks per year, broilers, and adult laying hens, AAM is one of the largest suppliers of chicken seed, feed, and plantation product needs in Indonesia.

In our breeding program, we take advantage of advanced technology such as the use of automatic feeding machines, computerized hatcheries and technical assistance from EURIBRID BV - Netherlands, and other international partners.

With trained workers and our farm & forest location which is in the highlands and cool, it will make our livestock always get enough water and a calm atmosphere. A pleasant condition for our chickens means a low mortality rate, high resistance to disease and high egg productivity. And as our concern for the welfare of our livestock, we provide after sales service.

The aim of AAM to invest in this business sector is to anticipate the increasing demand and along with the establishment of new farms and slaughterhouses.

The rapid development of this business is the result of our dedication to service, our reputation and our continuity in providing high quality products.

AAM continues to grow in all its business sectors. This is shown by the establishment of a breeding farm, Commerical Farm (live bird) and new feed factories in several regions in Indonesia such as in Serang Banten, Jombang East Java, Indramayu West Java and Cikande Bitung Tanggerang.

For 3 consecutive years from 2017 to 2019, PT. Peternakan Manggis & PT. Hybro has received the “Best of The Best” award from Cobb USA, as High performance productivity in Indonesia.

All the recognition obtained shows that in its work for 50 years, Sub Holding Agriculture by AMG as an Integrated poultry & plantation company group, has succeeded in laying a solid foundation to continue to develop rapidly and sustainably in line with its business expansion in the years to come.


Agriculture by AMG (PT. Ayam Manggis group, PT. Citra Inafeed Mill, PT. Pelican) is an integrated agriculture poultry company that boasts integrity and strong and knowledgeable human resources. Our company develops based on entrepreneurial skills as well as superior, independent market analysis.



To supply high quality poultry products; Feed, Day Old Chicken (parent stock, final stock), Live Bird, and Plantation are accompanied by excellence by carrying out the concept of good nursery maintenance standards, management training and service, empowering our customers to develop their business in partnership with us.



Our corporate identity defines the kind of company we are now and the one we aim to be in the future.

Central to that identity is a commitment to creating ways to help customers thrive in a changing world. To do this we must live our brand values:

  1. Integrity & Trustworthiness
    We operate within clear principles to deliver what we promise
  2. Accountability & Assistance
    We collaborate with our suppliers and customers and work as one team to deliver results
  3. Innovative & Inspiring
    We establish an environment conducive to continuous learning and innovation
  4. Open & Straightforward
    We encourage simplicity and transparency in our communications
  5. Humility & Heart
    Our company culture is a reflection of us operating as a well-run family
    We are committed to contributing positively to society and to a sustainable future. This is part of the heart of Agriculture by Argo Manunggal Group (AAM).