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Breeder: produces Parent Stock (PS) and DOC Final Stock. PS and Final Stock DOC Agriculture by Argo Manunggal (AAM) are of prime quality as they are derived from superior quality breeders. Our DOCs have received customers’ recognition and are top in the list of the breeders’ choice, with Brand “AM” for FS product and “Manggis Hybro” for PS product.
Agriculture by Argo Manunggal (AAM)’s breeding farms are widely spread across West Java and East java.

DOC Boiler AM 888 is a superior meat generated from selected parents with good diversity and growth, low fcr, and high lifetime expectation and able to adapt to the environment. 

Broiler (Broiler) “simply” means more meat. We pride ourselves on knowing that our customers benefit by getting the best yield in the market. AM 888 superior broiler management, combined with ongoing trials and tests, will always deliver outstanding broilers to our customers. 

DOC Layer AM 999 are laying hens produced from superior parents with the best nutrition to produce superior laying hens that have strong body resistance and able to adapt well to the environment, also with high production, performance, and good eggshells color. 

DOC Jantan AM 777 is a superior rooster that has good uniformity, fast growth, and good resistance that can adopt to the environment, and low fcr.   

Agriculture by Argo Manunggal (AAM) supplies major breeding farms in Indonesia operated by PT Peternakan Manggus. Our technical service team is one of the best in the country. We believe in training our team members and our customers to achieve our birds’ highest possible performance.  We are proud to offer our leading products at the parent stock level to customers.

With the benefit of our modern breeding, we are dedicated to providing high-performance products. Both white (broiler) and brown (layer) offerings deliver exceptional fertility and resulting hatchability. Our parent stock hatches many good quality day-old chicks to ensure our customers can provide the best possible start and potential for successful production throughout the value chain. 


Agriculture by Argo Manunggal (AAM) Group breeds parent stocks of different strains sourced from foreign and local grandparent stockbreeders.  The parent stocks, in turn, produce eggs hatched to become the final stock of day-old-chicks (DOCs)

Agriculture by Argo Manunggal (AAM) ensures the production of high-quality DOCs by operating modern closed-house breeding farms fitted with tunnel ventilation, cooling pads, foggers, and automated feeding and drinking systems.

Agriculture by Argo Manunggal (AAM)implements strict bio-security and vaccination programs in its breeder farms to ensure that the flocks are consistently disease-free. Our breeding facilities produce up to 80 million DOCs every year.


The production process from egg to doc using modern equipment, to produce doc according to determined standards. Our products have gotten SNI certification.