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About DOC


PT. Peternakan Manggis group is part of Agriculture by AMG (AAM) as Sub Holding Company. PT Peternakan Ayam Manggis built our first PS Hatchery in 1971 in Desa Manggis, Sukabumi. We then create a GP Hatchery, which began operations in 1986. 

In September 2007, our new environmentally controlled hatchery in Cianjur, West Java, started operations. From 2008 until 2014, we upgraded and replaced our old hatcheries. In 2014, all our hatcheries were environmentally controlled.

Peternakan Ayam Manggis group consisted of:

  • feed division: PT. Megah Prayasa 
  • DOC Breeding division (Parent Stock & Final Stock): PT. Peternakan Manggis & Pt. Hybro
  • chicken fattening division (live bird) – PT Gunung Sari. 

We are a vertically integrated poultry company.

Grand Parent & Parent stock Farm located in Indramayu, The production capacity is more than 0.25 million parent stock per year, Target Parent Stock capacity by 2025 is 80 million final stock DOC per year.

Feed mill, we are self-sufficient in this area. We have a state-of-the-art control and monitoring system to maintain feed quality for all our GP, PS, and Broiler Farms (internal consumption). The storage system is renewed with the installation of new silos, upgraded bulk receiving facilities, and other production pieces of machinery.  Improved laboratory pieces of equipment are installed to monitor and maintain our feed quality for internal consumption and commercial purposes.

We ensure high-quality DOCs by operating modern closed-house breeding farms located in Sukabumi, Cianjur, West Java, and Jombang, East Java. We manage them using an automated climate control system, fitted with tunnel ventilation, cooling pads, foggers, and automated feeding and drinking systems. And Our breeds parent stocks of different strains (mostly Cobb brand), which are sourced from foreign and local grandparent stockbreeders.  The parent stocks, in turn, produce eggs that are then hatched to become the final stock of day-old-chicks (DOCs)

For us, “the art of hatching eggs into healthy DOCs” is a noble mission and a year-round pursuit.  our hatchery operations adhere to the highest standards and employ the latest technology and “best practices.” Our hatcheries use modern machines and equipment supplied by well-known international suppliers of setters and hatchers.  Its hatchery facilities are capable of hatching up to 25 million eggs per annum.

Implementing strict bio-security and vaccination programs in its breeder farms is our priority to ensure that the flocks are consistently disease-free.  We Produce’s breeding facilities produce up to 80 million DOCs every year, with “Ayam Manggis – AM” Brand as our Group Brand for our DOC products.

Our Live Bird Farms located in Serang were built all closed house system. Target live bird capacity by 2025 is 10 million birds per year.