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About Feedmill


About Feedmill

Citra Ina Feedmill, PT, was founded in 1994, part of  Agriculture by Argo Manunggal Group (AAM).  The company's business line includes manufacturing prepared feeds and feed ingredients for animals and fowls with the best quality feed from our feed mills, which are located in Jl. Suci Km 24 Susukan, Ciracas Jakarta Timur 13750.

The Company’s feed mill is equipped with a modern laboratory facility and excellent quality control to produce high-quality feed products based on the customer’s needs. We are ensuring the production of hygienic, nutritious, and highly digestible feeds. Our feeds are the "feeds of choice" for many chicken growers in Indonesia, with Citra Feed Brand.

The selection of raw materials for feed production, such as corn, soybean meal, etc., is conducted in a strict Quality Control environment to produce feeds of the best quality standard. The support of professional personnel with more than a decade of experience plus research and development has made our products become the right choice to meet the needs of feed for chicken and other livestock.

We provide various feed choices under each rearing stage of the respective livestock and type of livestock (Broiler feed, layer feed, layer concentrate feed, other poultry feed, horse feed, pig feed, fish feed, ruminant feed, laboratory animal feed ).

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This range of choices makes us one of the best partners for farmers. Our reliable marketing force is always ready to meet customers’ needs with competitive products of high quality, backed-up by our technical service, which will help farmers establish well-managed livestock farms.

We strive to deliver the best to farmers, as evidenced by ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 Food Safety accreditations received from PT Citraina Feedmill.

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About Feedmill