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Feed supplement in the form of pellets with feed raw materials that support the vitality and health of the digestive tract, intended for racehorses and ponies both for exercising or relaxing, Supplements with prebiotic content: MOS (Mannooligosaccharide), which functions as a bioregulator of intestinal flora that can help protect the digestive tract. It is enriched with vitamin E supplements (170 IU / kg), which serves as an antioxidant, helping to protect cells that function to increase muscle strength. The supply of cooked starch is limited (15%) to improve digestion and prevent cramps and laminitis.

Instructions for use

The ration is divided into 2 or 3 meals.
Unrestrickted clean water.

Standard daily rations for a horse weighing 300kg and for a “sport” kind of work about 1 or 2h/day
FRINGAN: 4 to 5.5 Kg
Meadow Hay: 5kg (provides long digestible fibers)
Wheat straw bedding

Ration for artificial bedding
FRINGAN : 4 to 5.5 Kg
Meadow Hay : 7 to 8 Kg
Ponies weighing 250kg : Halve the above-indicated quantities
Ration without hay : encourage consumption of straw

Analytical Guarantees
Digestable energy : 2650 Kcal/kg
Methionine and Cystine : 0.42%
Mouisture : 12% Max
Calcium : 1.2%
Protein : 12%
Phosporus : 0.6%
Fat : 4%
Sodium : 0.4%
Strach : 22%
Vitamin A : 10000 UI/kg
Cellulose : 14%
Vitamin D3 : 1500 UI/kg
Lysine : 0.5%
Vitamin E : 170 UI/kg
Composition : Wheat by products, rice by-products. Soybean hulls,Corn and corn by-product, palm kernel meal, cassava, molasses, limestone, salt, sodium bicarbonate, premixes.


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