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Supplementary pellet feed with fodder and or grass intended for a broodmare in foal and lactating mares, foals, and stallions. Supplemented with prebiotic: MOS (Mannan oligosaccharide), bio-regulators of intestinal flora help protect digestive transit. Supplemented with L-carnitine, which boost the stallion fertility and the foal development

Instructions for use

The ration is divided into 2 or 3 meals with unrestricted clean water.

Type of Ration for a broodmare weighing 500 kg, in foal: 8 to 11 months
HARAS: 4 to 5 kg and Meadow hay 3kg

Lactating (first three months after foaling): HARAS 8 to 9 kg and Meadow Hay: 5 to 7 kg
Type of ration for a broodmare, before weaning: 1st month, HARAS: 0.5 kg, then and additional 0.5 kg for each month of age

The example at six months, HARAS 3kg: AFter weaning: 6 to 7 month, HARAS: 3 to 4 kg and Meadow hay 3kg; 8 to 12 months, HARAS: 3.5kg and Meadow hay 4kg

Type of Ration of stallion weighing 500kg; Breeding Season:
HARAS: 4 to 5 kg and Meadow Hay 5kg
Rest Period: HARAS: 2 to 3 kg and Meadow hay 5kg
Ponies weighing 250 kg: halve the above-indicated quantities

Grazing: Halve the quantities of feed and hay or stop altogether, depending on the quality and quantity of grass available

Analytical Guarantees
Digestable energy : 2650 Kcal/kg
Methionine and Cystine : 0.42%
Mouisture : 12% Max
Calcium : 1.2%
Protein : 12%
Phosporus : 0.6%
Fat : 4%
Sodium : 0.4%
Strach : 22%
Vitamin A : 10000 UI/kg
Cellulose : 14%
Vitamin D3 : 1500 UI/kg
Lysine : 0.5%
Vitamin E : 170 UI/kg
Composition : The wheat by-product, rice by-product, corn and corn by-product, palm kernel meal, cassava, molasses, soybean meal, canola meal, limestone, salt, sodium bicarbonate, crude palm oil, premixes.


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